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News New Team Members With the start of the new academic year, we welcome several new team members who will strengthen the research and teaching activities of the Chair of Entrepreneurship. We look forward to fruitful and inspiring collaborations! More info Lean Startup Academy Kick-off Great take-off for the first of our two “do-it” courses this spring term! The Swisscom Pirates Hub welcomed 30 motivated and eager students for an inspiring ideation session. Over the spring term these ideas will be further developed and rigorously market-tested. Alex Murray , senior researcher at the Chair of Entrepreneurship, will give a keynote at the upcoming event: Nelson Phillips We welcome Prof. Nelson Phillips as visiting faculty to the Chair.

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Project – BearingPoint Join Be. Project in order to transform your startup idea into reality! Do you have a digital entrepreneurial idea in mind? Are you motivated to team up with friends to let your project take-off?

Fake News Papers Fake News Videos. A Few Abbreviations.

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Startup Speed Dating at ETH Zurich

How can this be measured? Shutterstock If one were to sum up the current emotional state of the Western world in one word, then “uncertainty” would be a strong candidate for the most suitable description. Uncertainty, or general insecurity, comes in the form of referendums such as the Brexit vote, the chaos of war in the Near East, so-called IS or elections such as the upcoming US presidential contest.

Subjectivity and expectations play a major role. Feelings of uncertainty also have negative economic impacts: However, the precise definition of uncertainty is extremely vague, as is the way in which it can be quantified.

Zürich or Zurich (/ ˈ zj ʊər ɪ k / ZEWR-ik; see below for other names) is the largest city in Switzerland and the capital of the canton of is located in north-central Switzerland at the northwestern tip of Lake municipality has approximately , inhabitants, the urban agglomeration million and the Zürich metropolitan area million.

Published November 19, Here we go again. The Congress is hell bent on wrecking the Affordable Care Act. This time the mechanism is the so-called tax reform bill that will be voted in the U. The logic is rich and, yes, rich is absolutely the right word and sentiment because this tax cut will wreck the individual health insurance market so that the rich will pay less in taxes.

But the problem gets at the core of insurance itself. How do you make sure there is a large enough pool to cover high cost patients? The Affordable Care Act did this by requiring everyone to buy health insurance or pay a penalty. Without that provision people who are healthy are free to skip out. But sick people always want coverage. And that creates an imbalance that does not work. It estimates 13 million people will drop health insurance.

The Senate bill is now being shaped into its final form.

Entrepreneur Club

During Startup Speed Dating you have the chance to have six interviews in one night and meet countless founders and entrepreneurially interested people! SchneiderAmmann We wish you all the best for the future. Thank you for inspiring young entrepreneurs in Switzerland and working for less regulations and a fair economy!

Thank you Hertz Switzerland for making the transporting of the furniture much easier! Congratulations to the winner of InCube: Medical technology and third place energy challenge team!

Hydrous components in nominally anhydrous minerals s. New methods open new perspectives on mineral reactions S. Aspectsof applied and environmental mineralogy at low temperature S. Applications of the fluid inclusion tehnique to petroleum geology and acid gas storage S. Estimation of volume fractions of liquid and vapour phases in fluid inclusions and inclusion-shape definitions S. Development of a high quality Raman spectral library for minerals and fluids S. Synthetic fluid inclusions in quartz: Production of standard solutions at high temperature and pressure S.

Low and high temperature heat capacities of deerite, howieite and zussmanite S. Dolomite and sulphate formation in an aride environment, western Qaidam, China S. Unusual chemistry of zircon from peraluminous granites S. Niccolite-maucherite assemblages from the Albanian ophiolite complex S.

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The site you are trying to access is being protected from ‘Malicious Bots’ and we have detected ‘Unusual traffic from your computer network’ Verify You Have A Pulse pulseman T It does this while letting your valid users pass through with ease. Our broad installed publisher base provides an unparalleled view into abusive activity on the internet, so the bad guys cannot hide. Armed with state of the art technology, it always stays at the forefront of spam and abuse fighting trends.

Manche Pflanzen sind invasiv, d. Bei der Besenheide wurde festgestellt, dass mehr als ein Viertel der oberirdischen Biomasse abgestorben war. Das Projekt zeigt, wie moderner Tierschutz gelingt, wenn er die Einheimischen einbindet. EuroNatur ist Partner des internationalen Projekts. Die Forscher sehen auch Parallelen zum Lernen bei Kindern. Robert Trusch schreibt bei Change.

Aber leider versuchen Agrarchemiekonzerne immer wieder neue Insektengifte auf den Markt zu bringen. Das ergab eine Studie mit fast Jugendlichen in der Schweiz.

Effektverspielte\, melanc holische Klanglandschaften

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Roger Nickl “The problem of credibility is inherent in any medium,” German philologist Christian Kiening. Roger Nickl Christian Kiening, as director of the National Center of Competence in Research in Mediality, you spent twelve years studying media in the past. How do you view the current situation? Things have accelerated enormously. What are the implications of this acceleration? In the Middle Ages, control over what could be said or thought lay in the hands of the select few, for example the monks in the scriptoria of monasteries.

Since then the media have become more and more democratic, but also more difficult to gauge. The process of verifying or authenticating facts has gotten more uncertain. There are various ways of responding to this uncertainty. Is fake news a new phenomenon? The problem has always been around, although not to the current extent.

Speed dating: the Happy Meal of romance?

You will find to buy the World Email Lists: Do you want to go on vications and dont have Money? Do you want to stay in 5 stat hotel and Money is not enough? There are small and huge trucks and you will make your choice depending on what you want. Cycling offers a great workout for the upper body and will keep your legs toned. Young children who complete intense actions could experience excessive stretching from the muscle notably while in the knee.

E wealth Blueprint What to Eat to Combat Acid Reflux – To start with, eating right and healthy is the basic course of treatment phen limit the utilization of tomatoes to each day and eat only as much as the body requires rather than to satisfy your being hungry. All that jumping around and moving about will burn those layers of fat away. You keep a motivator such as a reunion or possibly a wedding that you may be attending http: After giving birth to daughter Maxwell Drew on May 1, Simpson has declared she’s able to lose weight http: Indigestion is really a basic culprit in extra weight, specifically those that eat a reasonable diet phen scam for the fastest results, jump rope four to 5 days weekly.

I have to wear fitted, stretchy tops that mould to my shape.

World of Particles Big Bang Thomas Gajdosik. Big Bang (model)

Carbon cycling of biological soil crusts mirrors ecological maturity along a Central European inland dune catena. Catena , Wieso erscheint dies nicht in der Bibliographie-Abfrage ? Radiocarbon calibration uncertainties during the last deglaciation: Insights from new floating tree-ring chronologies. Genetic patterns reflecting Pleistocene range dynamics in the annual calcicole plant Microthlaspi erraticum across its Eurasian range.

Joy Ward , an Associate Professor at the University of Kansas Lawrence, KS is seeking a postdoctoral fellow to study plant responses to low atmospheric carbon dioxide concentrations and past climates that occurred during the last ice age 20, , years ago. This research will be highly inter-disciplinary in nature, and will involve a combination of approaches used in molecular biology, stable isotope ecology, and dendrochronology.

We are seeking a highly motivated individual that is capable of conducting both independent and collaborative research. This individual is also expected to publish research and seek extramural funding in a dynamic scientific environment. Furthermore, the development of this project is flexible and will in part depend on the expertise of the individual selected for the position.

The selected post-doctoral candidate will conduct experimentation to determine how changes in climate and atmospheric carbon dioxide concentrations over geologic time scales influenced the distribution, physiology, and evolution of plants. Mentoring Graduate and Undergraduate Students.

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Whether you are looking for co-founders, employees or researchers, you will find them among the candidates through the matching process. You get 12 slots for speed dates to get what you are looking for. The price ranges for participation will be announced soon. You can also apply to become a Premium startup with a large booth. Still beware the SSD is not a usual networking event and please mention explicitly why you think we should invite you.

Huisjes Huisje Henny is een voormalig stalletje dat een aantal jaren geleden sfeervol verbouwd is met behoud van nostalgische elementen zoals bedstedes. Het huisje heeft een eigen tuintje en een terras op het Zuiden. Henny is geschikt voor max. In de woonkamer vindt u een eethoek en een zithoek. Een stereo-installatie is aanwezig. Gezien het karakter van het huisje, is er bewust voor gekozen om in huisje Henny geen t.

Er zijn spelletjes en boeken aanwezig.

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