Bettina Arndt to Counter Campus Rape Crisis Narrative on Speaking Tour

Male and female inmates from all over the world, including Australia, are searching for romance online. The website even has a search function that allows users to search for inmates by their age. The love letters are screened by the Department of Corrections. It appears harmless enough, but there are obvious drawbacks and dangers. Calista Garcia gets out next year. Calista Garcia touts herself as a lover of Zumba and tennis. Ms Garcia was high on marijuana and an illegal stimulant when she crashed near Point Lobos in California. Mr Steinmetz was killed and his passenger, Leisa Weddle, was seriously injured. Now, she hopes to put it all behind her.

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Administrative officer Being able to manage on her own gives Julie, pictured with her daughter Ashleigh, 10, a sense of empowerment. That led to a PhD, followed by her current job as a lecturer at Melbourne University. The level of contentment Kay feels is unusual; divorced people do not generally compare well in the happiness stakes, with surveys showing them to be less content than most married or single people. Yet there are good reasons why these women are different.

For a start, they are the leavers, rather than the ones left.

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Share this article Share ‘These are self-selected students who’ve been encouraged to fill in this survey by a campaign that’s lasted for years trying to persuade people there’s a rape crisis on campus. The ‘Change the Course’ Australian Human Rights Commission survey released figures claiming ‘women are almost twice as likely as men to be harassed and more than three times as likely to be assaulted’.

The report’s results drew backlash, with students at Australian National University participating in a protest on Tuesday The Australian Human Right’s Commission survey, released Tuesday, into the sexual assault of university students has revealed 51 per cent of women who attend Australian campuses have been harassed in the last year The survey was commissioned by Universites Australia after claims institutions were covering up victims’ claims.

Results came from more than 30, students across 39 universities. Students from the Canberra university participated in a protest after the results were released, wearing black masking tape across their faces and holding banners. Share or comment on this article:

Getting on and still getting it on: a guide to older singles, dating and sex

Share this article Share ‘Exploring the limits of sexual potential has little to do with clever techniques,’ says Bettina Arndt, ‘but a lot to do with how two people feel about themselves and each other outside the bedroom. That the twentysomething women are much more sexually confident than past generations, for instance. We may assume that all the post-Sex And The City openness, the brazen behaviour and the one-night stands mean they’re happily in control – but one diarist is already tired of her partner’s sexual expectations at the age of just 20, while others struggle to have their needs met, with no idea how to ask.

Flic Everett and husband Simon I may get letters which suggest that the average year-old girl’s biggest worry is how to fine-tune her new man’s performance for maximum orgasms, but on a deeper level, younger women are clearly longing for intimacy and understanding – just as men are. Writing for women – and talking to them during radio phone-ins and at events – it’s often tempting to dismiss their pestering partners as sexually voracious testosterone-driven factories.

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Evidence shows that a majority of people who experience sexual violence will not report these experiences, for a large number of reasons. There are significant barriers to the safe reporting of sexual violence, including the harrowing experience of reliving the event. Although the Change the Course Report is somewhat alleviated of these barriers, it is important to note that the actual number of incidences on campus is still likely to be larger than what has been reported.

Ms Ardnt is entitled to her opinion, but are we, as a university community, willing to compromise the safety and well being of our students? These last couple of years, the right has been talking a lot about free speech and political correctness. They want us to make a fuss so they can go on Sky News or write in The Australian and talk about the ways that university campuses have become overrun with the fascist left who shut down any discussion that contradicts their own views.

If you want to support and amplify the voices of survivors and those that advocate for them, as well as create positive community change on our campus, please support our event in Conference Room D in MAZE, next Wednesday at 6pm. If you would like more information about consent, prevention and helping others on campus, please contact Respect. Arndt is an experienced psychologist, sex therapist and public commentator whose talk informs this public debate by arguing against reactionary responses to the problem which have perverse results.

Her talk is based off statistics and evidence as well as real-life case studies. To be clear, any incidences of sexual assault are too many. Universities are places of free expression and intellectual objectivity and inquiry, where ideas are meant to be debated and challenged.

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Bettina is delighted to announce Australian audiences will finally be allowed to decide for themselves what the fuss is all about. There is now an online site where you can rent it in Australia — Vimeo. See this link https: Bettina is urgently looking for more people to host screenings in their local areas. All you need to do is choose a date and local movie theatre and then help promote the event to your friends and networks.

No cost, no risk, just a little of your time.

Zahlreiche Vorarlberger Restaurants bieten leckere Mittagsmenüs an, aber mit welchen Gerichten, das ist oft die Frage. Jetzt gibt‘s die Antwort für alle Hungrigen auf Denn hier sieht jeder auf einen Blick, in welchem Gasthaus aus der Region, .

If you only read the sneering reporting of his allegedly racist remarks, I suggest you look the whole dialogue, as reported by Andrew Bolt in his weekly blog. Neither Ross Cameron nor Rowan Dean are professional media people — they are very much learning on the job. And Sky News must bear some responsibility for pushing these inexperienced presenters into presenting a nightly 11pm show — which they both strenuously tried to resist. The whole show runs on a shoestring but despite that, ratings had doubled and Outsiders was becoming one of the most popular shows before they were forced into the late night slot.

It now appears that Paul Whittaker, the newly appointed CEO of Sky News, took the decision to fire Ross Cameron before there was a full transcript available of what Cameron had actually said. The whole station is in an uproar, with people writing and calling to say they no longer plan to watch Sky. I strongly urge others to join in. You can also sign this change.

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Online dating and the new pre-romance culture By Bettina on February 19, in News What makes online dating so hard? The amazing internet and phone based systems now working so well to bring our huge pools of singles together are many steps removed from the courtship that once ushered in romance for most people. Literally millions of Australian singles are involved in this new process of screening and connecting, a pre-romance culture which creates opportunities for budding romances to emerge down the track but only if people understand the new rules.

He meets an attractive woman and has a couple of dinners with her.

The Australian National University (ANU) is a national research university located in Canberra, the capital of main campus in Acton encompasses seven teaching and research colleges, in addition to several national academies and institutes.. Founded in , it is the only university to have been created by the Parliament of Australia.

The app has ignited criticism since it was first hurled into the hands of horny college students in After downloading the app following a break up from a long-term relationship, she was curious to see what made the app so hot. Yes, this girl is not afraid to use Tinder as her personal pimp, freely admitting that she has had more action in one week on Tinder than any other time in her adult life. Is Tinder really just the ignition for hook ups and the facilitator of fucks? Or is there opportunity for those initial sparks to burn a little longer?

I know many young people who have met through Tinder. Tinder works well because it only matches people when there is a mutual interest which has a number of strong advantages. It requires women to be as proactive as men which takes the load off the male. It also means people need to get real about who they are likely to attract. For Aria it is a medium of sexual satisfaction, a virtual vending machine for dick dallying.

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Honestly, if there ever was a woman who is more fascinated with the fucking shadows on the wall it is she. Because your double degree is going to be the only thing keeping you warm at night. Namely, a woman needs a man like a fish needs a bicycle.

Mehr denn je bedarf es eines innerislamischen Therapieprozesses auf der Basis eines Aufklärungsprogramms, findet der Religionspädagoge Abdel-Hakim Ourghi.

The current generation of seniors is no blushing bunch of old fogies ready to hang up their spurs. This is the baby boomer generation which came of age during the sexual revolution so it’s hardly surprising that when large numbers found themselves over 50 and unattached, many revelled in new opportunities provided by online dating to leap back into the saddle.

The large numbers work in men’s favour. According to the census figures there are about , more unattached women than men aged — about , women compared to , men. That’s a huge pool of older singles and many are enjoying having the internet to bring them together. According to Nielsen research conducted for RSVP most over 50s singles 53 per cent have tried or would consider trying online dating.

Advertisement You will now receive updates from Daily Life Newsletter Daily Life Newsletter Get the latest news and updates emailed straight to your inbox. By submitting your email you are agreeing to Fairfax Media’s terms and conditions and privacy policy. In the face of this stiff competition, women have become far more active.

When RSVP, owned by Fairfax Media, started in males outnumbered females almost two to one — but gradually more women, particularly older women, have joined various sites and are now participating with enthusiasm. And for some that means not just approaching men but putting the hard word on them when it suits them. I’ve been working as an online dating coach for the past three years and among my clients are some very lusty women happy to acknowledge that while they are ultimately looking for a relationship they aren’t adverse to just a roll in the cot.

Chatting in bed has always been much easier than stiffly conversing over a cup of coffee,” says Andrea, a year-old Melbourne woman who is revelling in such pleasures after a long sexual hibernation after becoming a widow. As long as I am up front with myself and my partners, I reckon I can do what feels good and have a ball.

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From Santiago to Sydney: This slideshow requires JavaScript. A bit of history Elizabeth Rivera emigrated from Chile to Australia in Elizabeth Rivera arrived in Sydney in

Die Halbe Wahrheit Das ist nur die halbe Wahrheit. Wir leben auch in Zeiten großer institutonalisierter Männerfeindlichkeit. Männer, die heiraten, oder / und Kinder in die Welt setzen, riskieren Ruin, Seelenfrieden und Freiheit.

Share this article Share In fact when it comes to what makes a woman happy, only a quarter said sex made them extremely happy — far fewer than the 42 per cent who chose owning a pet. Another survey, this time of 58 countries, reveals that women rate their body image and appearance above having sex when it comes to the factors they consider to be important for a good life. So, asks Hakim, why is it that girls in their teens and 20s are increasingly likely to have several sexual partners before settling down?

Evidence suggests it does, but only on a short-lived basis. Until the age of 30, men and women are equally likely to wish they had sex more often. After that, though, the number of women no longer having sex rises sharply.

[Independent Man] Why women lose the dating game with Bettina Arndt

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When are Australian men going to wake up and realise they are being done like a dinner? It’s been a grim month for men in this country. I wrote recently about the documentary movie The Red Pill, produced by feminist filmmaker Cassie Jaye who set out to critically examine men’s issues but ended up swayed by the validity of many of the concerns being raised by men she was filming.

Messenger It goes without saying — or at least it ought to — that freedom of speech should be a core value of universities. As a scholar of freedom of speech and a university academic, it has been gratifying to see so many Vice Chancellors and a former Chief Justice of the High Court take it so seriously. This attention to freedom of speech is a response to recent controversies about on campus. Students have accused each other of bullying and censorship.

The great irony in punishing universities for ‘failing’ to uphold freedom of speech Temperatures are running high enough that universities have occasionally been forced to cancel controversial speakers for fear of the disruption caused by protesters. These controversies are not new. The special context of the university One thing to consider is there is no context in which freedom of speech constitutes an absolute right to say anything at all.

All serious thinkers about freedom of speech and all legal systems – even the US, which has the strongest protection of free speech in the world – recognise some limits on freedom of speech.

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