1930’s Jaeger-Le Coultre Art Deco 8 Day Swiss Brass Mantle Clock Original+As-Is!

Since Sumerian time, human being has invented the devices to measure and keep track of time. Clock and watches further developed in modern days. Antique and vintage mechanical watches and clocks produced in Switzerland, Germany,Japan and USA were high precision device that were sought after by many collector for their complications, rarity and high in value Really nice clock and looks so shiny and beautiful! Serial Number puts it early ‘s. Finish is bright and clear with only a few minor scuffs or spots that are mostly noticeable at close inspection. There is a teeny tiny rough spot on the upper back side corner that I only noticed upon up close and personal inspection.

Rhodium Atmos Clock by Jaeger LeCoultre

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Dating from , this LeCoultre travelling clock is one of those wonderfully evocative pieces from the art deco era that are so collectible today. We tend to think of LeCoultre, or Jaeger LeCoultre as the concern would be known after , as a manufacturer of wristwatches but in fact, it was also the creator of a number of exquisitely crafted clocks, all aimed at the same high society buyer. The celebrated London jeweller Asprey offered a selection of these LeCoultre clocks, promoting them in its pre-war advertising, as did the Parisian retailer Hermes.

Then as now, they were unashamedly extravagant and I think this remains part of their appeal even almost eighty years on. Going back fifteen years, we used to buy vintage LeCoultre clocks fairly regularly, but over the last five or six years, we have noticed that worthwhile examples have all but disappeared from the marketplace.

This clock is charming and one of the most attractive that we have seen in a while.


Members participate in over local and special interest chapters in North America, Asia, and Australia. We also sponsor an annual convention, a symposium, and our chapters host numerous regional events and local meetings. Chapters offer opportunities for learning and friendships and a venue to meet people eager to buy and sell collectible timepieces: Geographic Chapters bring together members from their areas for fun, friendship, and learning, including workshops and timepiece restoration and maintenance projects.

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Jaeger-LeCoultre. Atmos table clock, original s, made of brass and steel. 19 x 23 x 15 cm. Caliber Functioning. Jaeger-LeCoultre Stainless Steel Reverso Night & Day Manual Wind Wristwatch. Jaeger-LeCoultre table or desk clock dating in the Art Deco style from ss Switzerland. Features a round face set into a brass frame.

Just inside the exhibition entrance, visitors were treated to something extraordinary from Jaeger-LeCoultre — all 12 pieces from the Hybris Artistica collection, together, in one place. Whether or not you are typically a fan of ornately decorated timepieces, these twelve creations are things to be admired. We just had to get photos of all twelve, as the collection may not be all together again for a very long time. Here we’ll walk you though the collection in order, highlighting what makes each Hybris Artistica piece unique.

First up is the Master Grande Tradition Gyrotourbillon 3. In The Road To Basel: The flying tourbillon represents the start Sirus and tells sidereal time as it slowly orbits the blue aventurine dial, which is marked with the constellations.

Atmos clock

Clone Jaeger-LeCoultre is Swiss high replica watches’ example. Jaeger-LeCoultremay be the pioneer from the top watchmaking industry, not just the actual timing technology and superb creative talent for that unity from the entire watch industry’s development also made outstanding contributions. This is a short summary of the 3 most widely used series: Reverso series watch Dating back to a lengthy time ago, in , British officials stationed in India were eager to obtain a watch that may be utilized in the brilliant polo match.

Completed. Offered is a Jaeger LeCoultre Atmos Vendome (sometimes called the Empire or Directoire model), caliber or 6 clock carrying serial # dating it to or ’

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In , Paris-based watchmaker to the French Navy, Edmond Jaeger, challenged Swiss manufacturers to develop, the movements were produced by LeCoultre. After , Jaeger-LeCoultre was adopted uniformly worldwide, according to factory records, the last movement to be used in an American LeCoultre watch was shipped out of Le Sentier in Some collectors and misinformed dealers have made the claim that American LeCoultre is not associated with Jaeger-LeCoultre Switzerland.

LeCoultre of Switzerland and Jaeger of France formed a company in England, Jaeger Limited, in to make instruments for prestige car manufacturers.

Manufactured by the Swiss watchmaker Jaeger-LeCoultre, the Atmos Clock is a timepiece of near-perpetual movement needing no human intervention and almost no energy to run.

Developed from French regency bracket clocks, they adorned the numerous fireplaces of royal palaces and wealthy manor homes. Frequently made from brass, these clocks featured intricate embellishments and detailing and were sometimes accompanied with candleholders or vases. A well-known French maker of mantel clocks in the early s was Raingo Freres. English Shelf Clocks England was behind by a few years but the first shelf clocks came in the form of lantern clocks and then bracket clocks featuring both brass and wood cases.

The National Institute of Standards and Technology also points out that the pendulum and anchor escapement helped keep more accurate time in clocks, too. The style of lantern and bracket clocks remained mostly unchanged through the s, with slight variations in the dials and some had rounded instead of flat tops.

Eardley Norton was a skilled English clockmaker producing clocks from to , and became a member of the Clockmakers’ Company in Origins of American Mantle Clocks With the help of water powered machines in the early 19th century, a small group of inventors revolutionized the clock making business, changing it from an artisan craft to a factory process. Eli Terry and his associates Seth Thomas and Silas Hoadly began to design small clocks with inexpensive wooden moving parts instead of the more costly brass.

Encased in a simple wooden box, the glass door contained reverse painted numbers that served as the clock’s face. See an example of one of these early mass-produced mantel clocks, known as the Box Clock online at the National Museum of American History. Collectible Antique Mantle Clocks Mantle clocks dated at years or older qualify as antiques, with the majority of clocks dating from the mid s to the early s, prior to

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The Watch Snob is in. However, I have a question regarding clocks. I am looking for something to sit in my office. What do you think of the Jaeger-LeCoultre Atmos desk top clocks? First of all, while watches can still pretend to have some legitimate use in the modern world and are also the only acceptable form of man jewelry, mechanical clocks are truly in the realm of the eccentric.

Repair clock atmos clock dating the ones were slung over 30, trademark, encased in the skytrain to , atmos clocks. Who were clock in the atmos clock that be shocked by jaeger-lecoultre. As the atmos clock parts to what is one of ad by jaeger-lecoultre introduce a service atmos clocks have a clock, – lecoultre.

Determining the value of an Atmos Clock depends on the model, age and the over-all condition of the clock and the actual value can vary significantly depending on what the market will bare at that particular time. Atmos clocks with Oriental Motif Cases white or black plexi-glass , the Gruen wood case models or any other models with rare and unique cases will obviously be worth more then the types described above, depending on their condition.

Most Atmos clocks are “graded” by using the following guidelines: Excellent Condition – Clock runs perfectly, the finish is bright and clear with only a few minor hairline scratches that are noticeable only at close inspection. MINT Condition – Clock runs perfectly; case is in perfect condition, no fading and no highline scratches-even at very close inspection; often original box, packing material and documentation included. A good way of determining the approximate value of your particular clock is to regularly visit on-line Auction Sites; look for clocks at auctions similar to yours, comparing your clock to identical ones with the final “winning bid amounts”.

Prices at auction sites are often reflective of the current market value of most any item. Over 40 years experience by Swiss Master Clockmaker!

All Twelve Pieces From Jaeger-LeCoultre’s Hybris Artistica Collection, Together In One Place

At the heart of its personality lies an iconic about turn. The Reverso is an invitation to write your own story. British colonial India, Irritated by seeing too many of his watches smashed up during polo matches, an officer in the British army challenged Jacques-David LeCoultre to produce a model sufficiently sturdy to stand up to being bashed with a mallet and yet refined enough to make for pleasurable wear.

The Reverso was born from this challenge. Swivelling its case conceals the dial against the wrist, revealing a back that becomes a blank page.

Atmos table clock Jaeger-LeCoultre is not only recognised for their watch brand, but also for Atmos table clock which is very impressive. The Atmos extracts its power from the slightest variations in the pressure and temperate in its immediate environment.

June In , following his invention of a machine to cut watch pinions from steel, [4] Antoine LeCoultre founded a small watchmaking workshop in Le Sentier, where he honed his horological skills to create high-quality timepieces. Under this set-up, they developed in the first partially mechanised production processes for complicated movements.

Jaeger-LeCoultre[ edit ] In , Paris-based watchmaker to the French Navy, Edmond Jaeger, challenged Swiss manufacturers to develop and produce the ultra-thin movements that he had invented. The movements were produced by LeCoultre. However, from to approximately , due to the Smoot Hawley Tariff Act, watches were cased in locally produced cases in North America and sold under the name LeCoultre by the company Vacheron-LeCoultre, a subsidiary of Longines -Wittnauer, with slightly different case designs.

After , Jaeger-LeCoultre was adopted uniformly worldwide.

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LeCoultre invented a machine to cut watch pinions from steel which led to him creating a watchmaking workshop. In , Paris-based watchmaker, Edmond Jaeger, challenged Swiss manufacturers to develop and produce the ultra-thin movements he invented. The grandson of Antione LeCoultre accepted the challenge and the collaboration eventually led to the official re-naming of the company in to Jaeger-LeCoultre.

Through nine decades of Reverso history, one constant obtains; the double-sided watch with innumerable faces defines the soul of Jaeger-LeCoultre. Strictly speaking, March 4, marked the 85th anniversary of the original Alfred-Rene Chavot patent request for a reversible watch case. The ultimate solution was a rotating wristwatch with a solid-steel opposite face and stunning number of fathers.

Atmos is the brand name of a mechanical torsion pendulum clock manufactured by Jaeger-LeCoultre in Switzerland which does not need to be wound manually. It gets the energy it needs to run from temperature and atmospheric pressure changes in the environment, and .

The above dates and serial numbers will give you a reliable way to date any Atmos. Now for the specific dating information I offer. The following Acrobat file contains some of the Atmos clocks I have work on, listed by serial number. After the serial number is the date that was found on the bellows. The bellows were made in batches, so there is some duplication but more than enough information to date your specific Atmos to within a month or so.

All I ask is that you reference where you obtained this information if you use it anywhere on the Web including sales or auctions. The serial numbers are located on top of the movement next to the fast-slow adjustment. The caliber’s from the to the Atmos’ made today are stamped, with the particular caliber , on the bottom of the case. The Atmos II and caliber were not stamped on the bottom and are nearly identical.

You can tell the difference because the Atmos II has the speed adjustment as a turn screw rather than a slide lever, which is found on the caliber and all models since. Estimating the value of your Atmos.

Atmos Clocks

If this item contains incorrect or inappropriate information please contact us here to flag it for review. The gold plated case is in excellent condition with impressively little wear. This clocks glass is without flaw.

A rhodium plated Atmos clock by Jaeger LeCoultre, serial number dating from Rhodium Atmos clocks complement modern house decor and are .

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